To Maximize the Financial Potential of Your Social Network



To Maximize the Potential of Your Social Network.

What is Maxflow? is a publishing network that has been developed by bloggers and social page owners over the last 8 years. It has been designed to aid, and ease the work of social page owners in finding and posting the most profitable, Facebook and Google friendly content. It is not only that provide, high-quality profit optimized, safe content for social network publishers but Maxflow also features an break-though with its in-built post scheduler system that is the simplest, fastest and safest scheduler system of today.

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Maxflow Blog - Posts

100% Pure High Quality Unique, Multilingual Content that is 100% Google and Facebook approved.

Maxflow Scheduler

Professional Built in Scheduler System which is the simplest and fastest scheduler system that currently exist on the web.

Maximized Profit

Maximal profit optimized advertising while ensuring excellent user experience


All Happy!

Happy Visitors -> Excellent User experience
Happy advertisers -> 100% google and facebook friendly content
Happy publishers -> outstanding profit for publishers bloggers

How to use it?

(following registration: )

Step 1:

Pick a Post

from Maxflow's blogs posts.

TIP: Use our tested TOP LIST for the highest earnings.

Step 2:

Schedule it

on your fan pages with Maxflow scheduler

While you can use a sole link, we recommend our
LIGHT scheduler for pick and choose, or the
MONSTER scheduler for Mass scheduling even 2 months ahead.

Step 3:

Lean back and relax!

Monitor the flow of your profit in Maxflow control panel!

Using our built-in scheduler takes 5 minutes of you time after that just lean back and watch how maxflow makes money for you

Blog - Posts

100% Pure, Multilingual, High Quality Unique Content.
How to use it Step:


Our Blogs and Posts

  • High Quality in both content and visual presentation
  • Wide Selection of Topics
  • 100% Unique Articles
  • 100% Clean and User Friendly Presentation
  • 100% Google And Social Media Approved content
  • Daily new posts

Result of Approach results in

  • Incredibly Positive User Experience
  • Instant Increase in the number of REACH, LIKES and SHARES

Below is our constantly broadening blog magazine portfolio
every post of these sites is available within Maxflow and can be posted to your audience.

beautiful_places Beautiful Places - Travel Magazing
theworldwelivein World We Live In - Life Magazin
do_it_yuorself_creative_blog Do It Yourself - DIY Magazin
do_it_yuorself_creative_blog Do It Yourself - DIY Magazin (german)
health_and_beauty Health & Beauty - Health Care Magazin
Interior_Design_Magazine_and_Decorating_Blog Architecture & Design - Architectural Magazin - Life magazin (german)
News_Life_trend_magazine_Blog - News, life, trend magazine

Post - Scheduler

The Fastest and most advanced Post Scheduler System of the Web!
How to use it Step:


Light Scheduler

  • Recommended for light publishers
  • Get sole link
  • Schedule posts on a one by one basis to single or multiple pages.

Monster Scheduler

  • Recommended to hard core publishers
  • Mass scheduling limitless posts to limitless pages at once
  • incredible time savings

Maximize Profit

Maximal Profit Optimized Advertising While Guarding Good User Experience:
How to use it Step:


Business strategy of Maxflow

Transparent, Simple, Trust worthy
Overall Earning Distribution
Publisher's earning
Maxflow's earning
Maximized financial profit
  • Maximal Profit Optimized Advertising While
  • Guarding Good User Experience
  • Unique most profitable keyword optimized content
  • Maximal profit optimized user friendly advert placement
  • sponsored links
  • sponsored contents
  • Real Time Earning Display

Maximized Savings on management and operation costs of your business
  • 95% time saving in searching for the right quality content as Maxflow is constantly monitoring the internet for the hottest and most viral stories.
  • 98% time Reliable Increase In Profit

Result of Approach results in
  • Incredibly Positive User Experience
  • Beautiful Blog Magazines
  • Instant Increase in the number of REACH, LIKES and SHARES

Maxflow - Referral

Earn beyond imagination with our referral program:

We share our success by giving 20% of Maxflow's earning made by every person registered
with your referal link for half year!

We give you 50$ for every 1000$
made through your referral link for half year!

50$ 75% of overall earning stays
with the publishers